Lucifer's Satanic Daughter (2021) - DVD

Lucifer's Satanic Daughter (2021) - DVD

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Doom Metal Psychedelic Slasher Film featuring New Original Music by Electric Wizard. Watch with someone you hate...

 Trailer (Censored for YouTube)

An evil lysergic witch is summoned after Ricky "The Acid King" sacrifices his friend to Satan.

Directed by: Chandler Thistle
2021 / 1hr44 / English Stereo

(LIMITED STOCK LEFT. Included until they run out, is a "square" from the Witch's "Spell Sheet" used in the film)

Additional info:
• Region Free DVD
• English and Spanish Subtitles
• FLASHBACKS: The Making of L.S.D
• Trailers
• Subtitles in: German, Japanese, French, Zulu, and Hebrew


Additional tracks by:

Acid King


The Black Furs

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Matt Hollywood

Thule Thule

Level H

Transit Venus

and more...